A short and simple documentation of a minimalist and quick painting. 

The painting "Lean", 8x16", Acrylic on board.

My favorite thing about painting with Acrylics on board (rather than canvas) is that you have a solid surface to draw on and you can cover nearly anything with acrylic. Also, the amazingly short drying time.  There's love to be had for the week long period of oils where you can completely change things, but with acrylic, you can just layer like mad.

All boards are not, however, created equal.  My favorites are the Masters Baroque Art Panels, they are super smooth and do not soak up any moisture. (absorbent wood can make watered down acrylic paint run and bleed). Beware a cheap board and if you have trouble with color bleeding, stop painting and gesso the surface. (or if you are stubborn and halfway through the battle of a painting, just don't water down the paint at all. - this is how I painted the Scout)

So, this painting starts with a sketch directly on the board.

As is my habit, I fill in base lines and shadows in Ocher Yellow.

Next I fill in some of the darker areas and (in this case) black background.

Dark browns and reds are now added to the shading mix, and the images is looking less flat.

Lighter tones and pale patches of skin are layered on.  As with oils, the shadows should stay transparent, as they are in life.

Really laying the shadows on the face and neck now, starting to look like skin. Base shadows in the hair are completed.

Highlights are added and "wisps" of hair (the wisps make all the difference in the world...), done and drying.

"Lean", 8x16", Acrylic on board, 2014

"Lean", 8x16", Acrylic on board, 2014