To Paint a Scout

A second attempt at acrylic portraiture: My former housemate, Scout.

Note:  this was originally posted to when I finished the painting in 2014, I'm just trying to gather all the goodness in one place. 

I sketched the base lines directly on the board in pencil, then started in with the undertones in ocher yellow paint.

The under-painting always looks creepy… But the monotone details and shadows help me plot out where colors and shadows will go.

Basic undertones of colors starting to build… This Is a different brand of board than I’ve used before and the color bleeds across the surface. Grrrr. Transparent color all ends up looking fuzzy.  On the last work in acrylic on board, I found that I could use the acrylics like watercolor, layering them up, but not on this brand of board.  It is just too porous...

I got really frustrated after a few hours of trying and briefly considered chucking the whole project, but decided to try a bit of heavier paint (no water added at all) before giving up. The eye turned out ok… The painting continues!

Layering skin tones, hair and background… Looking better, but still fighting the fuzzy look of color bleeds. Heavier paint to sharpen and detail. Background is filling in. The chin is a bit too long… Shortened the chin and finished highlights in the hair. It finally looks like Scout!

A few final details (highlights on the nose, eye, lips and glasses) and the painting is all done.

"The Scout" 16x16 Acrylic on Board

"The Scout" 16x16 Acrylic on Board